July 12 - Spetember 12, 2017

The Other Me at Greensquare Gallery in Abbotsford VIC Australia

First solo show. Displayed works in charcoal from 2014 next to the latest abstract works from 2017.

The stylistic contrast between the two parts of the exhibition is intentional and shows transitional change in artist's style and perspective.

Works in charcoal:

There is a strong theme of interdependent co-existence of human race and our home planet. The works communicate environmental issues faced at present and futures times, human impact on nature, consumerism, identity and self-exploration. They serve as portrayals of nature itself, with contemplation and reflection about the place for humans in the world, and their dependence on the nature. The works draw on the humans consuming nature, the cycles of Earth and its inexhaustible resources.

Prints and drawings on white:

A more abstract exploration of the Planet B utopia. Works featuring primal shapes and minimal compositions.